Benexere Anti-Fat Reducing Cream 7 C 250 ml


Rapid action anti-fat reducing cream with complex of caffeine, pineapple and gotu kola 250ml.

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Specific cream against the blemishes of fat and cellulite PINEAPPLE: astringent, improves circulation and slows down the formation of edema and stagnation CAFFEINE: stimulates cellular metabolism by promoting the reduction of adipose tissue. thermogenic CENTELLA: promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, giving tone and elasticity to the connective tissue. Rapid absorption.


apply the product to the body in the affected areas, massage with your favorite technique until completely absorbed.


apply the cream to the affected areas and, to intensify the specific action of the product, use one of the following technologies:

  • Infrared< /li>
  • Ultrasound
  • Physiosauna (thermotherapy)
  • Pressomassage
  • Electrolipolysis to complete treatments of:
  • Radio Frequency< /li>
  • Endodermic

WHEN TO USE In the Institute: 2 times a week in the context of a reducing/shaping package. Self-care: daily application on the areas to be treated, massage lightly until completely absorbed.


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