Iside – Passolieve Deflating herbal tea 500ml


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PASSOLIEVE – DEFLATING HERBAL TEA For swollen and heavy legs, stop localized cellulite, against cystitis and constipation.

Passolive deflating herbal tea. Effective for:

  • swollen and heavy legs;
  • stop localized cellulite;
  • cystitis and constipation.

The active ingredient the main one are Flax Seeds (from the Linum verticissimum plant). Linseeds known for:

  • high mineral content;
  • high emollient and protective properties.

Linseeds also used in cosmetics for hair care. Also ideal against:

  • cystitis;
  • constipation.


  • shake the bottle before each use;
  • for a comparison drink, dilute 5/10 ml in a cup of water and drink the extract during the day (two or three times as desired);
  • it is advisable to wash the measuring cup after each use.

Ingredients: Water, herbs: Linseed, Witch Hazel leaves, Mallow flowers and leaves, Yarrow tops, Star Anise fruit, Artichoke leaves, Red Vine leaves, Horsetail top. Coloring: simple caramel, flavourings. Technical specifications: Capacity: 500 ml (with measuring cup included). Main active: Linseed


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