Isis – Drenage Draining herbal tea 500ml


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DRENAGE – DRAINING TISANA Eliminates tissue impurities, stimulates diuresis, suitable for edematous cellulite. Drainage herbal tea. Effective for:

  • promoting the elimination of impurities in the tissues;
  • promoting intestinal function;
  • stimulating diuresis.

Indicated for edematous cellulite as it stimulates the draining function and improves venosalymphatic circulation. Without Alcohol, Without Sugar, Without Preservatives. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE:

  • shake the bottle before each use;
  • for a comparison drink, dilute 40 ml in one and a half liters of water and drink the extract during the day (to taste);
  • it is recommended to wash the measuring cup after each use.

Ingredients: Aqueous herbal extract love 70%: Birch leaves, Orhosiphon Aristatus leaves, Gramigna rhizome, Horsetail aerial parts, Corn flowers, Bearberry leaves, Parietaria aerial parts, Nettle whole plant, Kakadè flowers, Angelica whole plant, Asparagus root, Blackcurrant leaves, Fennel aerial parts , red vine leaves. Water, Flavors. Coloring: Plain caramel. Technical specifications: Capacity: 500 ml (with measuring cup included).


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