Isis – Purity Purifying herbal tea 500ml


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PURITY – PURIFYING HERBAL TEA Eliminates toxins, rebalances the liver and colon, promotes diuresis.

Purifying herbal tea Purity. Effective for:

  • eliminating toxins;
  • rebalancing the liver and colon;
  • promoting diuresis.

The main active ingredient is the Desmodium (Desmodium). Plant that brings significant benefits to the liver. Recommended for its extraordinary detox activity. Also used during slimming diets. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE:

  • shake the bottle before each use;
  • for a herbal tea, dilute 10 ml in a cup of water to drink in the morning fasting, after lunch and dinner;
  • it is possible to dilute 30 ml in a liter and a half of water to drink during the day;
  • it is advisable to wash the measuring cup after each use.

Ingredients: Desmodium leaves, Boldo leaves, Artichoke leaves, Milk thistle aerial parts, Othosophon Aristatus leaves, Dandelion whole plant, Rhubarb rhizome, Agrimonia whole plant, Sweet orange pericarp, Buckthorn bark, Sage aerial parts, Melissa aerial parts, Mint aerial parts, Gentian root, Black horseradish whole plant, Liquorice root, Star anise fruit. Water, Flavors. Coloring (Plain caramel). Technical specifications: Capacity: 500 ml (with measuring cup included). Main asset: Desmodium


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