Unique Restructuring Spray 10 in 1 – Magic Touch


Beauty spray mask for all hair types

10 actions in 1, for perfect styling

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Magic Touch Restructuring Unique Spray 10 in 1

10 actions in 1:

  1. Regenerates damaged hair
  2. Detangles hair
  3. Prevents the formation of split ends
  4. Gives body to the hair
  5. Protects from heat sources
  6. Anti-frizz effect
  7. Long-lasting styling
  8. < li>Protects hair color

  9. Makes styling easier
  10. Gives light and softness to hair


How to use:

Perfect styling with a few sprays of the product on damp, towel-dried hair . Without rinsing, you can proceed with the desired hairstyle.


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