Manic Panic – COTTON CANDY hair dye – PINK 118ml


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Manic Panic Semi-permanent hair dye 118ml


Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink is one of the most iconic colors in the Manic Panic High Voltage collection. this semi-permanent Manic Panic pink color has been used by Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. If you love pink, choose to be daring and try the Cotton Candy shade! Tish and Snooky’s original hair color formula; the classic Manic Panic High Voltage colorway has been the color of punk and alternative fashion since 1977. The bold colors and hydrating formula are unparalleled. Easily get a vibrant new color and keep your hair looking great. Save it for later thanks to the resealable bottle, which allows you to brighten the color and make touch-ups at the roots easily. This Manic Panic Tincture is PPD-free, NOT tested on animals, and vegan-friendly. This incredible combination has made Manic Panic High Voltage popular among both color fans and professional hairstylists. The dye lasts from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the type of hair and frequency of washing.How to use: – After washing your hair with shampoo, dab with a towel and apply the Manic Panic color from roots to ends, preferably with a color brush. – Comb and massage the hair, thus favoring the distribution and penetration of the product. – Leave to act for 30-35 minutes. – Start rinsing just one section, to check the color, using warm water. – If the result is satisfactory, rinse the entire head thoroughly. – Since it is also a conditioning product, no other treatment is necessary.


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