Nail-H Semi-Permanent Nail Polish n°15 15 ml


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Nail-H presents the widest range of polish systems on the market, extremely pigmented colors and various densities.

< p class="x_MsoNormal">Opaque from the first application, thanks to their elasticity and self-levelling formula, they make application on any type of nail extremely simple.

The package looks like in two formats, 7.5 ml and 15 ml with more than 250 shades available to the operator, thanks to the slightly elongated cap the manual application of the same is considerably simplified.

The packaging is silver in color so as to reflect the UV rays of sunlight, this allows the nail polish to be guaranteed to last over time, without any problem of densification from external agents.

The brush inside has been designed to have maximum precision in application and thanks to its slightly rounded shape it makes application in the cuticle area very simple.

To diversify the Pack of the two lines characterized by different contents, in the 7.5 ml format a cobalt black package has been designed, with which you can easily identify the color in the different format.


-prepare the nail with a nail Buffer 240/240

-apply the non-acid primer (alternatively for particularly fragile, use Nail-H multivitamin primer) do not catalyze.

-Apply a layer of Nail-H Base Lucida, Catalyze in the lamp

– Apply 1 or 2 coats of color and move on to the catalyzation.

-Finally close by applying a layer of Base Lucida again, polymerize and degrease with Nail-H nail cleaner.


-U/V lamp 60/90 sec

-Lamp Led/UV 15/20 sec


-Format 7.5 ml/ 15 ml

-Slightly rounded tip

-Made in Italy

-Product for professional use


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